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Do you use more than one email address on your iPhone?

iPhone Tips

How to control which email is used by default

If you are like me and you use more than one email address on your iPhone you probably have one address you use more than the other(s).

To make life a little simpler you should set this as your default email address - here's how...

1 - Go to Settings


2 - Scroll down and tap Mail


3 - Scroll down to the bottom and tap Default Account

Default Account

4 - Select the account you wish to make default.

That's it.  From now on when you compose a fresh new email your default account will be used.

How do I send from an address that is not default?

1 - Tap Compose to begin a new email


2 - Tap Cc/Bcc, From:

Tap Cc, Bcc, From

3 - Tap From: address

tap from

4 - Scroll at the bottom to select which address you wish to send from

scroll to select from

5 - Write your email as usual and then send


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