iPhoneiOS 7 is the latest operating system software for iPhone and iPad

Although it was launched in September 2013, I have noticed that many folks are wandering around with iPhones still using the old operating system.

iOS 7 is quite different and can take a little getting used to but I say give it a month and you'll love the range of new features and security enhancements. It's a free update, and straightforward to install, but not every iOS device can run the latest version.

Here are the steps you should take before you click yes on that update alert.

1) Check your device is compatible with iOS 7

The following iPhones, iPads and iPods are compatible with iOS 7 – although that doesn't mean that they will be able to take advantage of every feature.

The new AirDrop feature, for instance, is limited to the iPhone 5 and later, the iPad 4, and the most recent iPhone and iPad mini.

2) Back up your data

Use iCloud or iTunes to back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Beware: the backup will include purchased music, TV shows, apps, and books; photos and video in the Camera Roll; and device settings, but it won't include anything you synced from your computer. To re-sync that stuff you'll need to sync with iTunes.

3) Make room on your device

If you have limited space on your phone you may not be able to perform the update - it's a fairly hefty download. To get ready, you can remove content you no longer need.  Removing big files like videos would be a good starting point.

4) Update iTunes on your Mac or PC

5) Connect your iPhone or iPad to Power Socket

Make sure you plug in your device to a power source. If you run out of battery mid download you may corrupt the iPad or iPhone.

6) Make sure you're connected to WiFi

Be sure that you are downloading over WiFi and not via 3G or 4G, or you may end up using up all your data for the month.

How to download iOS 7

The update is pushed out to your iPhone or iPad automatically. You just need to go into the software update section of Settings and accept the update.

1) Go to Settings > General > Software Update

This will force your iPhone or iPad to check for the latest updates. (You may get an alert telling your that iOS 7 is ready, in which case you'll just need to tap download.)

2) Tap Download

Your iPhone or iPad will start to download the update.

3) Leave the update to download in the background

Once the download has finished you will receive a notification saying an update is available for your device.

4) Tap Details

This will take you to Settings > General > Software Update.

5) Tap Install Now

The iPhone or iPad will now start to install the iOS update.

So what can you do with iOS 7? 

Click here for a quick tour around the new features