Would your prefer your Exchange Contacts not to appear on your iPhone?

iPhone Tips

There are two methods to hide your Exchange Contacts on your iPhone.

Method One: Hide Group

Each of your contacts are stored in one or more Groups and it is quite easy to show or hide them

This method is useful if you want to filter your contacts or show all of them from every group.

Here's how show your all your Contacts

1. Open Contacts (tap the Contacts icon) - looks like this...

contacts icon

2. Tap Groups (top left)

3. Tap Show All Contacts (top left)

4. Tap Done (top right)

Hey presto - all your Contacts should be visible

However you can choose to filter out (or hide) contacts like this:

1. Open Contacts

2. Tap Groups (top left)

3. Tap the contact groups you wish to hide (so they are unchecked)

4. Tap Done (top right)

Method Two: Switch off Exchange Contacts

1. Open Settings (tap the Settings icon) - looks like this...


2. Tap Passwords & Accounts >

3. Tap on Exchange email account >

4. Tap on Contacts slider

iPhone contacts

5. You will see this warning - tap Delete from My iPhone (don't worry you are removing the contacts from your iPhone and not deleting them from your Exchange account)

iphone delete contacts

 6. Now your Exchange Contacts are not syncing with your Iphone - It should now look like this...

iPhone contacts off

Tip: You can always switch them on again.