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iPhoneSetting up POP email on an iPhone can be hassle

Especially if you have plugged your iPhone into your PC and synchronised it with iTunes

If you have activated your iPhone with iTunes on your PC you may have synchronised your email settings.

You will almost certainly have problems sending email via your SMTP server – especially when you are out roaming and relying on your mobile network.

If you wish to have pure synchronised Mail (including all folders like Sent Items) and Contacts and Calendar then read about our corporate style Xmail Service

We suggest you might want to begin by deleting the email account your iTunes synchronisation may have copied from your PC.

Click Here for instructions to remove any accounts

Here are instructions on setting up POP email manually on your iPhone

As mentioned before sending email from an iPhone (in fact from most mobile phones) can be hassle – especially when out roaming using your mobile phone network. The trick is to use IMAP instead of POP – here is how.

1. Go to settings


2. Then select Mail, Contacts, Calendar


3. Select Add Account

4. Select Other at the bottom

5. Select Add Mail Account

6. You should see this screen

John Appleseed

7. Complete your Name, Address and password

New Account

When the Save button turns blue you can select Save

8. Ensure that IMAP is blue (select it if it isn’t)

9. Now complete you Host Name, User Name and Password for your Incoming Mail Server

Incoming Mail Server

Your Host Name will usually be

User Name will usually be your full email address

10 Use exactly the same settings for your Outgoing Mail server

Outgoing Mail Server

11. When the Save button turns blue you can select Save

12. You will now probably get a message something like this…

Secure Connection Failed

13. Click the Continue button and wait (this can take up to 5 minutes to authorise so be patient)

14. If you get the screen at 12 again – click Continue again.

Important eventually when it finishes you need to do this…

15. Select the Mail account Mail Account

16. Scroll down and select Advanced

17. Select Drafts Mailbox

18. Select Drafts Tick (Select it even if it is already ticked)

19. Now select the Advanced blue button to go back

20. Do the same for Sent Mailbox and Deleted Mailbox until you see On My iPhone for all like this…

On My iPhone

That’s it – you are all done

You can press the physically dimpled Home button at the foot of your iPhone now to exit (it will save)

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