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Setting up POP email on an iPhone can be hassle

iPhone tips

From experience, if you set up your POP email account on your iPhone using the POP protocol (and it is the sole device you use for your email) you are running the risk of losing emails if you have to delete the account or your iPhone is lost or broken.  It is much safer to install the POP account using the IMAP protocol - as this merely attempts to sync your email leaving all your email history on the server.  This means if your iPhone is lost, stolen or needs the email to be reinstalled it should re-sync your emails from your server.

Here are instructions on setting up POP email using the IMAP method manually on your iPhone

1. Go to Settingssettings


2. Then select MailMail


3. Select AccountsAccounts

4. Select Add Account

Add Account

5. Select Other


6. Select Add Mail Account

Add Mail Account

7. Make sure you Select IMAP


8. Complete your Name, Email and Email Password - Description can be your email address

New Account

9. Complete your Incoming Mail Server Details

Incoming Mail Server

10. Complete your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) details

Outgoing Mail Server

11. You may see this message pop up several times - just click Continue

Cannot Verify Server Identity

12. Wait for it to complete Verifying

Outgoing Mail Server

13. When it completes top Save (top right)

Save Settings

That’s it – you are all done

Now open up Mail on your iPhone and test it works

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