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Have you seen those 360 photos in Facebook?

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What is a 360 Photo?

Have you noticed when you use the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad that some pictures people share have this subtle little icon...

Facebook 3d photo icon

This indicates that it is a 360 Photo.  Here is what happens when you tap on a 360 photo in the Facebook app and swivel around on an office chair...

How is this done on an iPhone?

You don't need any special kit or software - just an iPhone with your Facebook App

Step 1 - Choose a suitable place for a Panoramic Photo

Step 2 - Open the camera app and swipe with your finger until you see the PANO mode

Step 3 - Hold your iPhone upright at the starting point (usually on the left ready to scan right) and tap the white circle at the bottom following the direction of the arrow (this will stitch your photos together)

Taking a panoramic photo on your iPhone


Step 4 - Go to your Facebook App and publish that long panoramic photo.

Now you and your friends can enjoy exploring it in 360.

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