If you have connected your iPad with iTunes on your PC you may have accidentally synchronised your email settings.

iPad Hints and Tips

These settings will almost certainly give you hassle with trying to send email.

If you do not wish to collect email on your iPad - This is how to remove an email account

(even if you do wish to use email on your iPad - we recommend you remove any accounts and then follow our instructions to set it up manually)

To delete a mail account on your iPad

  1. Go to   settings-ios7
  2. Select

    accounts and passwords

    Note: If you have an older iPad click on...Mail, Contacts, Calendar

  3. Look for your email account (top right) and select it Mail Account
  4. Now scroll to the bottom and select  delete account

  5. You should see this... (click Delete)
    delete confirmation

  6. Wait until this progress bar disappears (it may take a while)
    delete progress

Congratulations - You have now deleted your mail account

If you want truly synchronised email, Contacts and Calendar read about our Xmail service