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A hoax email theatening a cyber attack unless a ransom is paid

Hoaxes and Fake Email Warnings


The hoax emails comes in various forms

Here is an example:

Subject: "EXS" Attack!!! "EXS"

Body of the email message:

"We are a HACKER TEAM - Armada Collective

1 - We have checked your information security systems, setup is poor; the systems are very vulnerable and obsolete.
2 - We'll begin attack on Tuesday 06-09-2016 8:00 p.m.!!!!! 
3 - We'll execute some targeted attacks and check your DDoS servers by the 10-300 Gbps attack power
4 - We'll run a security breach test of your servers through the determined vulnerability, and we'll gain the access to your databases.
5 - All the computers on your network will be attacked  for Cerber - Crypto-Ransomware
6 - You can stop the attack beginning, if payment 1 bitcoin to bitcoin ADDRESS:  1AfR5f2RugZXqbhanJ8pmn153udhLMFhTP
7 - If you do not pay before the attack 1 bitcoin, the price will increase to 20 bitcoins
8 - You have time to decide! Transfer 1 bitcoin to ADDRESS: 1AfR5f2RugZXqbhanJ8pmn153udhLMFhTP

Bitcoins e-money
Bitcoins are very easy to use.
1.You have to make personal bitcoin wallet. It is very easy. You can download and install bitcoin wallet to your PC. 
There are lots of reliable wallets, such as:
But there are much easier options as well. You can make bitcoin wallet online,
for example or and many others.
You may also transfer money directly from exchanger or bitcoin ATM to the decryption address provided to you.
2. You can top up the credit on your bitcoin wallet in most convenient way:
- To buy bitcoins in the nearest bitcoin ATM; refer to the address on a website:
- by means of credit card or different payment systems such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and others or by cash,
 for example:

How to make bitcoin wallet with Google for the additional information"

How can you tell it is a hoax?

The most obvious flaw in this plan is that BitCoin is an anonymous payment service.  Large numbers of the scam emails use exactly the same BitCoin address.  Therefore even if the ransom was paid, the extorter would not be able to tell who has paid; so logically how are they supposed to know who not to attack?  Also, people foolish enough to have paid the ransom have continued to receive identical threats.

If they were capable of a Denial-of-service (DDoS) attack they would be better to make your network or computer unavailable for an hour first to show they have the capablity before demanding a ransom.

Nonetheless, many people have been taken in by this scam.  It is reported they have already successfully extorted thousands of dollars from worried recipients.  There are also no reports that the attack was ever successfully carried out.


  • Delete the email

  • Do not reply

  • Share this article help prevent others being worried or tricked

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