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This chain message about beating Facebook Algorithms is nonsense!

Hoaxes and Fake Email Warnings

facebook hoax

This hoax message has been passed around Facebook since at least February 2017

It comes in various forms but the gist is the idea that by reposting a particular message and getting people to Like it that this will trick the Facebook algorithm and stop Facebook from restricting your newsfeed to a small number of friends.

Here is an example of the fake message...

Thanks for the tips to bypass WORKS!! I have a whole new news feed. I’m seeing posts from people I haven’t seen in years. Here’s how to bypass the system FB now has in place that limits posts on your news feed. Their new algorithm chooses the same few people - about 25 - who will read your posts. Therefore, Hold your finger down anywhere in this post and "copy" will pop up. Click "copy". Then go your page, start a new post and put your finger anywhere in the blank field. "Paste" will pop up and click paste. This will bypass the system. Hi new and old friends!

In truth there is no evidence that Facebook alogorithms restrict you seeing posts from any specific number of friends,  The algorithms are much more complex and sophisticated than that and nobody really knows how they work.  Certainly any attempts to 'trick' Facebook with such a crude strategy is utter nonsense!

Action you should take:  Ignore the message or reply with a link to this article

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