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A hoax circulating Social Media

The claim that Mangos combined with Coke can lead to death

Hoaxes and Fake Email Warnings

mangos coke death warning

The hoax instructs you to share this warning with your family and friends

Here is an example:

"Recently an Indian tourist to China, ate few mango (fanas) and immediately thereafter consumed Coca Cola. Within short time he collapsed. He was taken to hospital and was declared dead. The Doctor then revealed that After mango, no aerated drinks should be consumed “as this combination turns into very potent poison, instantly capable of killing a human.This is season for mango and our family or friends should not commit this mistake. by taking such soft drinks such as Coke, Pepsi etc…should, if at all, be consumed at least after 8 hours of eating mango, as this fruit takes a lot of time to get fully digested. Please share with family, and with those whom you care for."

Logically this warning is obviously a hoax.  If it were true, it would be in the national news with worldwide warnings.

Action: Do not share, avoid spreading fear and tell the sender it is a hoax by sharing this article

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