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As Facebook evolves it continues to confuse people

Facebook Tips

Many folks ask us what the difference is between a Facebook Profile, Page or Group

Here is a summary of the main differences between the 3 entities...


Facebook Profile

  • Personal Individual
  • Businesses not allowed (officially)
  • Invite and Maintain Friends List
  • Only Friends can view
  • No Advertising
  • Can Create one or more Pages and Groups
  • It is possible to have a ‘Business Profile’ (a special separate hidden personal profile just for the purpose of running a Page)

Facebook Page

  • Official Presence for Business or Celebrity
  • Administration of Page can be shared
  • No Friends List, instead you get ‘Likes’ (was Fans)
  • Anybody can view and ‘Like’ a Page
  • Nobody needs to ask permission to ‘Like’
  • View ‘Insights’ (analytics)
  • Advertising is allowed
  • You can Pay to promote Posts

Facebook Group

  • Discussion Forum or Community for Club, Cause or Specific Purpose
  • Business advertising and discusson allowed
  • Invite and Maintain Members
  • Members do not have to be Friends with your personal Profile
  • A personal Profile can join or post
  • (Update) A Page is now allowed to join or post in a group
  • You create a Group that is Open, Closed or Secret
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