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There are many ways you can use Facebook to ‘like’ something.  This article clarifies two different kinds of ‘likes’ and what they do

Facebook Tips

Post Likes

This is the most common activity on Facebook. (possibly because it requires very little effort)

Look at the foot of this post…


At the foot of each post you will see the magic words Like | Comment | Share

If you click the Like link (circled above) you are in effect telling the person who posted it that you like or agree with what they posted.  Facebook will also selectively broadcast that you liked this post to some of your Facebook friends.  You can like all kinds of posts – whether they are status updates, a photo, a link, a video.  You can even ‘Like’ individual comments others might add to a post.

Facebook Page Likes

When Facebook first brought out the Page to promote Celebrities, Organisations and Businesses it was called the Fan Page.

 The idea was that instead of gaining ‘friends’ as you do for your personal profile you gained ‘fans’ (who may or may not be your personal friends.)  To become a fan was really quite straightforward.  Just go to the Fan Page and click the button that said…

become a fan

However in April 2010 Facebook confused the world (and continues to confuse many people) by replacing the Become a Fan button with, you’ve guessed it a Like button like this...


There is a world of difference between Liking a post and Liking a Facebook Page.

Liking a Page is to become a Fan – so people who Like your Page will occasionally see your Facebook Page content appear in their feed.  Note: Not all of your Page posts will appear in all of your fan’s newsfeeds. Facebook uses algorithms to calculate how relevant your Page posts might be to each of your fans.

And just to make the point here is part of a post where I have shared a link to my Facebook Page.

like Preview version

If you click the Like Page button you will Like the Page (and become a fan).  However if you click the Like button at the foot – you will merely Like this post (and not become a fan)

Now here is exactly the same post on a mobile device...

Like - Mobile Version

Notice you don’t get a preview of the Facebook Page and that there is no Like Page button (just the Like button for the post) – So to Like the page on a mobile device you need to tap the link first to go to the Facebook Page and once you are there tap the Like icon to Like the page.

As I warned you Facebook have confused many people!

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