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Have you noticed your Facebook newsfeed is always set to 'Top Stories'?

Facebook Tips

Everytime you open Facebook your Newsfeed is displayed sorted by Top Stories.

Did you know you can change this to Most Recent?

According to Facebook here is the difference between the two views:

  • Top Stories (Default): Shows the most popular posts from friends, Pages and groups at the top of your News Feed.
  • Most Recent: Shows posts from friends, Pages and groups in the order that they were posted.

You can change it by clicking the three dots ... here:

facebook newsfeed more menu

When you click the following menu will be displayed and notice that Top Stories is ticked

fb newsfeed topstories

Click on Most Recent to change it.

If you have the new Facebook layout here is how to change it...

  • Click the Home icon at the top - looks like this...

Facebook home

  • Click the See More pull down
  • Select Most Recent

Now wouldn't it be great if Facebook would allow you to change this permanently?

You would expect this option to be available when you click Edit preferences but alas Facebook do not allow the default Top Stories view to be changed.

However, here is a workaround.

Go to (you can click this link if you want)

This will open up Facebook and sort your Newsfeed by Most Recent

You could bookmark this URL or even save it as one of your default opening pages when you launch your browser.

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