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In August 2015 Facebook enhanced the Messenger service for Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Tips

However businesses and organisation with a Facebook Page seem to be a bit slow on the uptake.

You might be forgiven for thinking – what’s wrong with email or the telephone?

The answer is nothing, only if you have a Facebook Page you should be aware of the communication preferences of your visitors.  Click here to see what a Facebook Page is (as opposed to a Personal Facebook Profile)

It wasn’t that long ago that the Fax Machine and posting a hand-written letter were the preferred channels of contact.  Both of these methods are pretty rare nowadays.  Technology, and therefore communication preferences do not stand still.  Even email is beginning to be considered a bit old-fashioned compared to the instant communication offered by Messenger which indicates to you instantly whether the message you sent has been seen by the recipient.

Here are some tips on how to enhance Messenger for your Facebook Page:

Use the Response Assistant

Did you know Facebook Page can publicly display how quickly you respond to messages?  One way of ensuring you get back to people quickly is to set up automatic responses with the Response Assistant.  Here is how...

  • Go to your Facebook Page
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Now click the Messaging menu item on the left
  • We suggest you switch all 3 options to Yes and edit the suggested messages with your own preferred information.

How to send people a link to directly Message you

Method 1 – Send a Link

  • Go to your Facebook Page
  • Hover over the Message button and select Copy Messenger Link - looks like this...

copy messenger link

  • Now paste it and send it (It should be something like - ours is

Send this link to initiate a private conversation directly with your Facebook Page on Messenger

However, if you want to show off you could do this…

Method 2 - Scan the Code

  • Print the circular logo below (or display it on a device other than your phone (e.g. your laptop or tablet)

Easykey Messenger code

  • Go to the Messenger App on your mobile
  • Tap the People icon at the bottom - looks like this...

people icon in messenger

  • Now tap Scan Code at the top - looks like this...

scan code messenger

  • Hold it over the circular logo above

You should now be able to instantly communicate with Easykey on Messenger.

It works a little bit like scanning a unique bar code.

How do you get your own unique circular logo?

  • Go to your Facebook Page on a Desktop or Laptop
  • Click on the Messages Tab (next to Page at the top)
  • Click on the tiny grey (i) icon at the bottom of the left side panel - looks like this...

info icon

  • A pop-up similar to this should appear...

messenger code download

  • Click the Download button and choose the size
  • It will download the image which you can print or send ready for people to scan and communicate with you on Messenger.

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