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If you have a facebook Page you might want to check if you have grabbed your username


Take a look at your Facebook Page.

Do you see an @yourname displayed under the Name of your page? - something like this...

Facebook Page Username

If not you will need to register your Facebook username.

Why Bother?

Well if you don't have a Facebook username for your page it means the link to your page will be something unmemorable like
(That's an made up URL, so don't try it.)

Wouldn't you rather have

The names are claimed on a 'first come, first served' basis - so if you want your do not delay

Here are instructions:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Make sure you have at least 25 people that 'like' your page (if you don't you might find that Facebook won't allow you a username until you do)
  3. When you have 25 or above 'likes' go to your Facebook Page and click the About tab
  4. Under GENERAL look for the username and click Edit
  5. It needs to be 5 characters or more and make sure you choose wisely because you may not be able to change it or move it.
  6. Tip: keep it short
  7. When you have typed a username that Facebook will accept you will see a green tick on the right
  8. Click the Create Username button

Final tip you need remember to market your new facebook address - on printed material don't just say follow us on facebook - say follow us on

Don't say I didn't tell you! - Act Now

p.s. Our is

(oh while your there you might as well 'like' our page to get more tips like this one)

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