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FacebookIf you have a facebook account and you want to make a friendly URL you need to do this RIGHT AWAY

On Saturday 13 June 2009 facebook created one of the biggest virtual land grabs ever - the rush to claim your own name on

At the moment if you want to send someone to your profile, you have to send an unmemorable URL that looks something like this:
(That's an made up URL, so don't try it.)

But wouldn't you rather send

In the past, this was only possible if you spent a large amount with Facebook (think $50,000+ per month) or be a huge celebrity, and it was yours.

But since June 2009 Facebook allowed you to claim your name as a facebook URL. Plus, you can claim names for your business pages too.

The names are claimed on a 'first come, first served' basis - so if you want your do not delay - do this now...

Here are instructions:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Make sure you have at least 25 people that 'like' your page (if you don't you cannot proceed)
  3. When you have 25 or above 'likes' go to
  4. IMPORTANT Decide whether you want the name for your personal profile or for a fan page.  (Businesses will probably want to go for the latter.)  If you want to get your name for your page scroll down and look for this:

Page Name

Select your Page and then type in your preferred name.  It needs to be 5 characters or more and make sure you choose wisely because you cannot change it or move it - ever.  If you can't see your page - make sure you have 25 'likes' first - so ask all your Facebook friends to help out. (If it's not for their interest they can always 'unlike' later)

Final tip you need remember to market your new facebook address - on printed material don't just say follow us on facebook - say follow us on

Don't say I didn't tell you! - Act Now

p.s. I've chosen mine - see

(oh while your there you might as well 'like' my page to get more tips like this one Wink )

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