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You can change the way Microsoft Excel formats numbers so it is displayed as Currency

 Microsoft Excel

Excel - raw figures (unformatted)

Have you noticed if you type numbers into cells how it is actually displayed? This is known as the Format. Look at the figures on the right....

Display as Currency

Do you want your figures displayed as currency all correctly lined up? (In other words formatting the cells as currency)

1. Select the column you wish to display as currency (in the case click the letter A in the box at the top)


2. Look along the toolbar and click the Currency button - looks like this... Currency Button

That's it all done.

Want Euros?

Click on the right-hand edge of the currency button and slect Euro like this..

.Euro Currency Button


Tip: When you type figures into any cell in that column, there is no need to type a currency symbol. Nor do you need to type every decimal - e.g. Type 12 and it becomes £12.00, Type 10.2 and it becomes £10.20

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