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Unlike Word, Excel does not have a change case facility.

Microsoft Excel Tips

However you can use this method

So what do you do if you have a column of Names all typed in CAPITAL LETTERS?
Microsoft Excel has some handy functions to change case - this is what you can do:

1. Here is an example of a dreadful muddle of text cases in column A.

excel example

As you can see some names are in CAPITAL LETTERS some in lower case and some All jUMbLeD uP!

2. Add a column to the right (Right Click on 'B' and select Insert)


3. This should give you a new blank column.  Now click in the empty cell right of the first name and type in the following command:  =PROPER(A2) then press the Enter Key (see this example)


4. You should find the first letter of each word is capitalised and the rest is lower case

5. Now you can easily copy the formula down the new blank column

Tip: Just Double click the tiny black box (called the handle) at the bottom right corner of the cell with your formula in like this:


6. Now Right Click on the new column header (in this case letter 'B') and select Copy (you should see 'marching ants' arround your selection.  Right Click again on the same column header and select Paste / 123 (Value) see below)


Nothing will seem to happen but in fact all your formulae have been deleted and replaced with the resulting corrected text.

7. Finally you need to remove the first column with messy text.  in the this example Right Click on Column A and select Delete


That's it - your text tidied.

Further FormulaTips:

= PROPER() capitalises the first letter of each word (like Title Case)

= UPPER() - forces all letters to be UPPER CASE

= LOWER() - forces all letters to be lower case

If you want to capitalise only the First letter of a sentence use this formula


So DENIS O'REGAN would become Denis o'regan

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