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Here's a simple Excel secret in how to duplicate a Worksheet

Microsoft Excel Tips

So you have worked on your masterpiece worksheet for Dec 09, tested all the formulae, sorted out all the pretty formatting and colours and you now want to duplicate this and call it Jan 10

  • Click on the tab and hold - it should look like this... Excel Tab (notice the little blank document icon on the cursor and the little black triangle on the left edge of the tab)
  • Whilst holding down the mouse button Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard - you should now see a tiny + symbol appear in the blank document icon like this... Tab showing +


  • Still holding the Ctrl key - drag your held mouse cursor to the right so that the little black triangle moves to a new position - notice the new position of the black triangle like triangle new position


  • Still holding the Ctrl key - let go of the mouse button - Hey Presto! - a new tab appears like this New Tab


  • To rename the new sheet Double click the tab (it will highlight) - type the new name of your sheet e.g. Jan 10 then click in a cell on the new Worksheet

Are you using Excel on a Mac?

Instead of using the Ctrl key described above use the Option key instead (highlighted in yellow)

option key mac


Prefer to watch a 60 second video? (remember to turn on the sound)

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