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Do you like to collect your email on multiple computers?

Most people use POP email - however when you start collecting it on your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile it can get frustrating 

POP (Point of Presence or Post Office Protocol) uses a "POP box" that acts a bit like a virtual pigeon hole in the sky. The trouble is if you open your email on your desktop it empties out your POP box. So if you then check your email on your iPad or Laptop those messages you just collected will not arrive - however any new ones will. This can end up with a nightmare muddle of different emails on different devices.

What is the solution?

One solution is to ensure you leave a copy of the messages on the server

(in your advanced email settings) or configure your email program to use IMAP instead of POP (if your provider allows it). However you will still end up with different emails in your Sent Items, different Contacts and indeed different folders on each device.

Is there a way to have exactly the same Emails, Contacts, Email Folders and Appointments on all my devices?

The answer is yes - Easykey offers an advanced email service called Xmail. Designed for the serious email user this smart package is particularly suited for people who want to access all of their emails and folders on the move.

Why Xmail is better than POP email (in 75 seconds)

find out more about Xmail


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