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Email Hints and TipsEasykey email accounts come with a webmail facility

This means you can access uncollected emails via any computer on the Internet (e.g. While you are on holiday)

Although this can be very useful you need to be aware that using webmail has certain restrictions...

  • Webmail allows you to access mail that has not already been collected by your computer at your home/office
  • You will not see any messages that have already been collected at your home/office
  • If you leave the messages in webmail, they will be downloaded (and empty your webmail) when you get to your home/office
  • Your contacts in your Email Program at your home/office are not in your webmail account
  • Replies that you send using webmail will not be in your Email when you get to your home/office
  • If you delete (and purge the deleted emails) from your webmail account they cannot be retrieved
If you need full access to all of your email messages, all your email folders, contacts, calendar etc from anywhere in the world we would recommend you consider an easykey cloud Xmail account
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