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Email Hints and TipsEmail (or E-mail) is short for Electronic mail. It describes the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication.

It relies on having a successful connection to the Internet.

There are three main methods used for generating email...

  1. An individual composes and sends an email using an email program

  2. A server administrates the automatic sending of emailing lists

  3. A website form sends the results to an email address

Some of the drawbacks of email are:

  • The potential of receiving unsolicited junk email (SPAM)
  • The possibility of receiving a computer virus that can harm your computer
  • Sometimes emails are a little too instant and informal - people can fire off emails on the heat of a moment and may regret sending it! Some folks expect instant replies to their emails
  • You normally have to switch on your computer and actively go to check your email

However the use of email has some major advantages over other methods of communication:

It is:

  • FAST (often within seconds around the world)
  • INEXPENSIVE (you can send a long email to anywhere in the world)
  • EFFICIENT (you can send one email to 20 different recipients around the world)
  • FLEXIBLE (files can be attached such as colour photos, music, faxes, voice messages etc.)

People use email for all sorts of reasons:

  • Keep in touch with their globetrotting relatives
  • Circulating Minutes or Agendas
  • Producing a friendly newsletter
  • Asking for advice or assistance
  • to receive booking confirmation, receipts and invoices
  • to receive orders from a website
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