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Email Hints and TipsWhat's the name of your business?


It is suprising that many businesses still use emails ending with

Or even...



    Putting an email address like this on a business card can give an unprofessional appearance as well as confusing the brand of your company with Tesco, NTL or BT etc...

    It is not expensive to register your own domain name so you can have

    So it should be no surprise to you that if you see my email address ends with - you will know that our website is

    Other disadvantages of using so-called 'free' email providers include:

    • Unreliable - over-subscribed servers
    • No recourse - Google Mail recently lost thousands of people's emails
    • Privacy - May 'free' providers scan your emails so they can send you targeted advertising
    • Trust - Many scammers posing as businesses use these free email services - consequently you may not be trusted
    • Security - Hackers find it really easy to target these free accounts - as mail settings are public all they need to crack is your password
    • No Support - Have you ever tried getting help when your Gmail or Hotmail has a problem?  It's DIY searching forums and finding answers from other non-professionals!

    Would you like email that is:

    • Reliable (hosted on UK dedicated cloud servers)
    • Unlimited attachment sizes
    • Exactly the same on multiple computers
    • Fully synchronises your email, Folders, Calendar and Contacts in your iPhone, iPad or Smartphone (without any need to connect to your computer)
    • Backed up every second of every day

    Find out about Xmail
    Find Out More

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