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Here is the most common reason POP email will not send

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Issue: You can receive emails but when you try to send it comes up with an error and doesn't get sent

The most common type of email is POP email. Around since the eighties, it is basic but perfectly fine if you intend to collect your emails on one computer from the same location.

However, using POP email on a laptop when travelling (especially abroad) is likely to present problems when sending emails.

Let's try to explain this simply (without getting too technical).

When you send email it uses a method called SMTP (Sending Mail Transfer Protocol)  This typically will use server settings given by your email provider that include:

  • Your SMTP Server
  • Your username (often your email address)
  • Your email password

To send email your computer needs to be connected to the Internet.  However, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) limit the SMTP servers you can use.

Why do some ISPs limit SMTP?

Some ISPs will only let you send email via their own SMTP server settings in a bid to prevent people from using their connection to send unsolicited email (SPAM) via any servers of their choice.

So what is the solution?

Here are three ways to resolve this issue.

Solution 1 - Use Webmail

Webmail is useful for temporary or emergency situations.  It is a method of accessing your POP email via an Internet Browser (rather than your Email program such as Outlook).

You will need three pieces of information from your email provider:

  • The internet address to access your webmail (e.g.
  • Your username (usually your email address)
  • Your email password

Armed with these you should be able to login to your email and send or reply to emails.

Tip: If your reply is important Bcc yourself in the message before you send it (so it emails you a copy back into your Inbox for reference)

Solution 2 - Find out the SMTP settings of the ISP

This method is rather more technical and hit and miss - only a practical solution if you intend to stay in the same place for a while or you have changed your ISP at home / office.

You will need to find out the SMTP server address of your provider.

If for example the Internet connection you are using is a Virgin connection you might need to reconfigure your mail settings to use for the SMTP server.

The problem is that some ISPs will only allow their own emails to be sent (so BT for example will only send an email ending with

Solution 3 - Change your POP email to Exchange

If you intend to regularly send email from different locations by far the best solution is not to use the POP method at all.  It would be far better to change it from POP to Exchange.

Xmail uses a business grade Exchange platform that would offer you the following advantages:

  • You can send email from anywhere in the world you can get connected to the Internet
  • Any emails you send will be syncronised into your Sent Items folder on all your computers (so no need to Bcc yourself a copy of what you send)
  • You can use your email on multiple devices (Desktop, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc.) and they will all sync to be exactly the same
  • As well as all your email folders, you can also sync your Address Book Contacts, Calendar, Tasks / Reminders and Notes
  • It is super-reliable and 'indestructible'

Explore Xmail

Xmail Business grade email

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