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email hints and tipsMailing lists to broadcast emails to many people are becoming more popular - here is a little tip on something you should avoid

I received an email that looks like this:

blocked images

Many email programs (such as Outlook) will block images from unknown senders.  Why?

Because feeding images from a website is a simple way to find out which email addresses have read the email.  Email programs block images to protect your privacy.

However text in an email is not blocked - So if you intend sending a bulk mailing make sure that your most important content is in real text and not an image.  And definitely avoid sending a whole message as just images like the example above as:

  • image-only mailings are much more likely to be marked as SPAM or Junk
  • Recipients who don't recognise you may not trust to un-block the images - and therefore your message is not even read

More about Bulk Emailing to your email list

Instructions on Marking emails to be trusted in your Safe Senders list

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