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Easymailer - Intelligent Bulk Emailing

Manage your own Branded Email Lists

How do you send 5,000 personalised emails?

Like many people you might attempt it via a mailing distribution list in your email program like Outlook and then send everyone an email via BCC. (Blind Carbon Copy)This ensures that none of the recipients can see each others' email address.

However many Email providers will limit the number of emails you can send to (usually about 50 recipients)

Why is it limited?

Email programs prevent bulk mailing as a way of protecting you against Trojan Malware send spam out from your computer. Easykey can provide a solution called EasyMailer which has the following useful features:

  • Personalise your greeting (e.g. Dear Fred...)
  • Send to hundreds or even thousands of recipients
  • Schedule a future date and time to send
  • Automatically send regular emails from your Blog content
  • Allow people to automatically subscribe from your website (see this working example)
  • Allow people to automatically remove themselves (this is a legal requirement)
  • Distribute an attachment to your mailing list
  • View stats on how many and who has read the newsletter and what links were clicked
  • Offer visitors an archive of previous newsletters
  • Embed enticing pictures and 'call to action' graphics into the email
  • Unsuccessful emails are automatically removed from your list and then listed in the stats for each newsletter
  • Create and save ready-made filters (e.g. 'Females in Hertfordshire', or 'All accountants with a postcode beginning with CM23')

Forget wasting time stuffing envelopes and the expense of envelopes and stamps. Concentrate on writing a catchy useful newsletter that will make your company one that gets remembered.

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