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Never use a list acquired from a third party


Sending bulk emails to large mailing lists can be a effective low cost method of broadcasting your message.  However, you should take great care to closely guard where you get your contacts from.  The internet is full of promises to provide you with targeted mailing lists for your industry or sector.

Our advice is that you should never acquire a list of email addresses from any third party, however reputable they may appear.  At best, it is likely to be out of date and often the original source of the list is unclear.  At worst, the list is seeded with secret email addresses that alert SPAM blocking services that you have acquired the list from an unreliable source.  What then happens is the server you are sending your emails from (and possibly your domain name) will get blacklisted.

What are the implications of blacklisting?

If your server gets blacklisted it can severely tarnish the reputation of your emails and website.  Any emails you send out from your domain will begin to be bounced back to you undelivered.  Emails people try to send to you will be bounced back to the sender.  Google can mark your website as ‘unsafe’ and penalise your domain in searches.  What’s worse is this chaos can spread to any other domains using the same server as you - not making you very popular!  Getting removed from blacklists is a complex involved process that can take days even weeks to resolve.  If you are blacklisted as a result of your mailing list you should delete the complete list so it can never be used again.  Or at least remove all the email addresses you acquired.  You should also desist from sending any more emails until you have been removed from all blacklists.

Can I send marketing emails to a bought list?

The short answer is No!

The law in the UK states “a person shall neither transmit, nor instigate the transmission of, unsolicited communications for the purposes of direct marketing by means of electronic mail unless the recipient of the electronic mail has previously notified the sender that he consents for the time being to such communications being sent by, or at the instigation of, the sender.”

Why you should build your list

Emailing thousands of unknown recipients any marketing or promotional content is not only illegal it is not an effective method of marketing, in fact potentially damaging.

The bottom line: Build your mailing lists with people that want your emails.  The following practices are recommended:

  • Invite people to your mailing list clearly stating what they can expect to receive and how often   e.g.
  • Send them an autoresponder to confirm they have opted in
  • All emails you send out should include a link to immediately unsubscribe themselves
  • Ensure the emails you send out keep to the content your subscribers have subscribed to receive
  • Add fulsome contact details to all emails you send (Your name, Telephone, Postal Address)
  • If you are a UK limited company, it is a legal requirement to add your Company Registration Number to all electronic communications - See Will your Company Website or Email attract a fine?
  • Avoid using spammy titles or content that contain words like “Free” “Special Offer” “Buy Now” “Earn extra cash”
  • Avoid sending emails that are mainly composed of images with very little text - See Avoid doing this in your email broadcast

How to I safely get more subscribers?

Write relevant, engaging content for your subscribers and you could include a link for them to recommend your emails to their friends.  This would allow their friends to opt in if they wish.  If you receive a string of unsubscriptions it is a likely indicator that you have strayed off what your subscribers expect to receive.  In the end it is much more effective to have a relatively small list of 200 engaged recipients than 2,000 ‘anybodies’ who are really not interested in your content.

If you are interested in sending out bulk emails take a look at EasyMailer and please don’t bother contacting us if you have acquired your mailing list from a third party!

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