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A major security issue that may give away your personal information and passwords to hackers

Computer Safety

heartbleedDubbed the Heartbleed Bug, this is one of the biggest security issues to have faced the internet to date.

What does it do?

This bug allows hackers to read some websites secure features (like logins) so they can steal you username and password for example.

Is this a bug on my Computer?

No, this is a bug affecting many websites that have login systems like Social Networking or online Email websites.

What should I do?

The following websites have already fixed the vulnerability so you should change your passwords for the following as soon as possible:

  • Google (including Gmail)
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr

Changing Your Password on other Websites

Before changing passwords for any other websites we recommend you first check whether the website is still vulnerable

Click Here To Check Vulnerability First

If it is still vulnerable do not login to the website or change your password.

If it's all green and says 'All good,.....seems fixed or unaffected!' Change your password immediately.

Here is a list of all the websites which have been affected:

Click Here to see the List

Press Ctrl + F (On Windows computer) or Cmd + F (Apple Mac)  to bring up a search box.

Type in the address of a  website you regularly use and see if it appears in the list with '... vulnerable.' after it.

If so follow use the steps above to check vulnerability first until you get the green All good... message - then, and only then, change your password.

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