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 A fake email about your Apple ID security


Email Subject: Virus Warning: E-Mail from ‘FBI Alert’

Here is the content of the email:


Virus Warning: E-Mail from ‘FBI Alert’

Apple has detected an unauthorized sign-in to your iClodu account.

Please verify your account by sending 112$ to this Bitcoin adress

: 17k7zLDwktZ7KATq4cQDhYJv15HJV7NbJ9

If no response is received your account will be locked for security.

The server will lock yor account within 2 hours if we don't receive the payment!

We are working to create a world where privacy is the norm, end- to-end encryption is the standard, and security and usability are synonymous.

FBI and iCloud is selling a tool for iCloud protection against hackers and scammers this tool costs only 112$

the license for our tool is 360 days

If you are  not familiar with bitcoin you can buy it from here :

SITE 1 :

SITE 2 :

SITE 3 :

After we confirm the payment , we send the private key so you can unlock your email and download our tool.

FBI SECURIRY @ iCloud and Apple Protection


What should you do if you receive this email?

Ignore it and delete it immediately

What is this email trying to achieve?

This email is attempting to trick you into paying 112 US Dollars into an anonymous virtual account.

It is an attempted ransom hoax.

The following indicators are typical of hoaxes like this:

  • Spelling - notice the mistakes like "iClodu" (iCloud) and "SECURIRY" (SECURITY)
  • Time Pressure - "The server will lock yor account within 2 hours if we don't receive the payment!"
  • No Personal Name - There is no mention of your actual name
  • Official Credibility - The use of Apple and FBI are used to add credibility
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