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Are complete strangers asking to be friends with you in Facebook?

Computer Safety

Check your Apps

If you are inundated with requests from complete strangers the first thing you should check out is what Apps you may have inadvertently given permission to.

Delete Facebook App

  • Then a little pop up should appear - read it carefully, you may have an option to tick like this...

remove facebook app

Change your Password

It is of course possible that somebody has gained access to your account (either because you have left it open and unattended) or they have guessed your password.

So here are the steps to change your password:

change facebook password

  • Type your current password in the first box and then your new password in the 2nd and 3rd boxes
  • Click Continue
  • This box will pop up:

log out of other facebook devices

  • We recommend you select the option to Log out of other devices then click Continue
  • Facebook will then step you through a series of screens to secure your account
  • Take care to read each step and respond accordingly

Games, Quizes and Questionaires

Be very careful when allowing Apps (such as Games, Quizzes, Personality Profiles, Which pop star are you most like? etc.)

If you are not absolutely sure - do not proceed. Much better to protect your privacy.

Log Out!

When you have finished using Facebook - remember to log out

I know, it's boring and a hassle, but that's how people get 'fraped' a dreadful term short for 'Facebook Raped!'

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