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Are you certain your computer is safe from the latest range of nasty online threats?

Keeping you protected from online threats

Do I really need Anti-Virus Protection?

We still come across folks who don't see lack of protection as any problem - everything seems to be working just fine.

A computer with no anti-virus protection soon ends up on the Easykey workbench, refusing to display important files, frequently freezing or finally getting to the point where it refuses to start up at all.

Keeping your computer safe from virus infections and malicious attacks from the Internet ensures you protect and keep safe your precious files, personal information and email. Furthermore, a protected computer helps to prevent you from passing on harmful problems to your friends on Facebook or those in your email address book.

Did you know?... A Trojan virus can harvest the email addresses of your friends and send them emails from each other (so they have no idea it originated with you). These emails may contain attachments or links that introduce malicious software (Malware) to get into their bank accounts or steal personal information.

I'm fine – I already have Anti-Virus software

Of course you might feel all is OK as long as you have any anti-virus software. However not all protection is equal…

From our experience some software radically slows your computer down.  Other software simply doesn't offer adequate protection.

So what protection do you recommend?

Avast Free offers free basic protection for both PC and Mac.

However, if you really want the best protection may I suggest the following...

What does Easykey use?

As AVG Gold Resellers for over 10 years we use AVG CloudCare Antivirus

What are the Benefits of CloudCare Antivirus?

It doesn't slow down your computer

Unlike many anti-virus programs CloudCare Antivirus is easy on the RAM. This means you can continue with other tasks and your computer won't suddenly grind to a halt.

Your PCs are monitored by real humans!

Your Easykey team receives constant real time notifications from all of your computers. We will proactively contact you should there be any significant issues and provide our expert help via our award-winning Remote Support service.

Email protection

CloudCare Antivirus also scans your email attachments and removes any harmful or malicious files.

Identity protection

Identity protection is another tool built into CloudCare Antivirus, that protects your personal identity details such as credit card details and passwords.

Not sure?... Just Ask!

Sometimes something happens on your computer you are not sure about. It might be an email you are questioning or a pop-up window you haven't seen before. If you're not sure just ask and our experienced team will advise you.

What does it cost?

CloudCare Antivirus starts at £37.50 per annum (that's just over £3 per month)

More than one computer?

Ask about our discounted rates

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