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After the demise of family run department stores like Maslens, Clement Joscelyne and Pearsons – what will happen to retail in Bishop's Stortford?

The economy has hit some businesses hard and as a double whammy it seems that traditional family run retail stores are being hurt by the Internet.  Going are the days when you popped into town to explore the local shops to see if they have a particular item you were after. (they usually haven't)  Our habits are changing and many people are turning to the convenience of searching and ordering from the comfort of their laptop, tablet or mobile.  This gives you the power to find exactly what you want, compare prices, read reviews and have it delivered to the front door.

In the meantime it seems to me that Bishop’s Stortford is turning into a town of eateries and restaurants and where they are not in situ yet a growing eyesore of boarded up shop fronts.

Have you seen the eyesore of Pearsons after it recently closed?...

Perhaps the Town Council not do something a little cheerier?

How about something like this?


At least it would bring a smile :)


There has been an explosion of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMO (Social Media Optimisation) 'Experts'.

Here is our take on these 'experts'...

SEO and SMO "Experts"

Speading some Joy for your Coffee Break

OK so Banks are not the most popular of businesses at the moment - and this is a flashmobi campaign celebrating the Sabadell bank's 130th anniversary.

Nice to see some literal Joy being spread - 'Freude' (Joy) from Beethoven's 9th Symphony :)

Did you know you can register up to 63 characters in a domain name before the dot?

It must be made up of one of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and/or numbers with optional hyphens (-)

You cannot use spaces, punctuation or symbols

So for example you can have a ridiculously long domain such as this:

And if you want an email address...

you can place yourverylongname@ before

Try fitting that legibly onto your business card!

You might find this interesting...

How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Ready for a Coffee Break?

Turn up the speakers and enjoy this bit of uplifting music

blogTake a look at your website and be honest – does it contain lots of SCT?  (Self-Congratulatory Twaddle) 

You know what I mean, something like this…

Bloggs Inc was established in 1886 by me, Fred Bloggs after having my great idea.  We are known for our exemplary customer service always striving to give the best possible care.  Our customers include Tesco, British Airways, Harrods, Prince Charles and we are approved suppliers to the Olympic Games in London 2012.  I drive an Aston Martin and have a spare Ferrari and Porsche, enjoy playing golf and sailing my yacht most weekends – so I must be doing something right!  The Sultan of Brunei has described Bloggs Inc as ‘one of the greatest companies I’ve ever dealt with’.  We are quite simply… the best!

Effective copy writing for your website is an art and needs some careful consideration.  Here are a few simple suggestions for you to consider

Don’t talk about yourself or even your company (avoid pronouns like “We”, “Us”, “I”)

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