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BlogOne of the most motivating videos I've seen for a long time

I know that to some the American dialect might put them off - However listen to the words... almost poetic

In the past 3 months over 13% of visits to our website were from a mobile smart phone

The easykey website on an iPhone5Most of these visits were from iPhones.  The previous 3 months was 9% of visits so we can see the trend is significantly increasing.

So when we recently re-launched our new website (1 August 2013) at we paid particular attention in making it even more mobile friendly.

If you visit on an iPhone you will see a stripped down mobile friendly version of the home page.  The aim was to make it legible without needing to resort to zooming in or getting out your glasses.

The navigation menu is accessed via the Menu button top left, although many visitors will probably just tap the navigation icons in the middle of the screen.

This all sits in a semi-transparent section that fixes to the top when scrolling.

The visitor can easily access the Menu, Search and tap-to-call Phone number on every page.

Is Social Media the Emperor's New Clothes?

This was featured in a talk given by Denis O'Regan at the Harlow Business Exhibition June 2013

A clever viral video from Evian...

What inspiration does this give your marketing?

Help us Do Something Funny for Money

Red Nose Day

It’s not too late to do your bit to help raise some cash to make a difference to people lives both here in the UK and in Africa.

BlackBerry 10There was a significant announcement in the world of BlackBerry last week

RIM has now officially changed its name to ‘BlackBerry’, new handsets were launched and the BlackBerry 10 OS was introduced.

One of the changes with BlackBerry 10 is that handsets can now use ActiveSync to access Exchange accounts, rather than relying on a BES connection.

Our iPhone and iPad customers have already enjoyed the great benefits of our cloud Xmail for some years now.

Put into plain English, this is great news for users of the new BlackBerry 10 as our Xmail service will be compatible synchronising Emails, Email folders, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks.

Watch this 3 minute video about the benefits of Xmail

xmailXmail - Agile Email for a Changing World

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