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This video brings together two ideas to come up with an innovative advertisement

So it got me thinking, what if...?

How about a digital advert showing a tree of birds tweeting a live stream of a particualar hashtag like #harlow ?

You could stand in front of it tweet something that included #harlow from your smart phone and the text of your tweet would be instantly flowing from one of the birds in live time.

What two technologies could you bring together for an new idea?


There are lots of companies and freelancers out there that promise to get you onto the first page of Google

Watch this video - here is a simple test you can try

Click the link below...

How do I get my website found in Google?

Who is number 1 in the organic area?

...above Google?

...for the last 5 years?

Today is Easykey's

10th Birthday Celebration

Champagne  |  Canap├ęs
Martin Cox (Entertainer)
Ron Martin (Frank Sinatra)

Frank Sinatra

 at the Harlow Enterprise Hub (click for map)
Dress: Casual, Smart, Glamour, Geek, Sci-Fi

This blog article has a purposefully strange title to illustrate a point about SEO

I will be interesting to see what happens.

Easykey moved offices but we didn't tell Sue

Here are two inexpensive ways to organise your desk

Try this for your Smart Phone Stand...

Smartphone Stand

in case you don't recognise it - it is a cassette tape box :)

Easy to Access Leads and Cables

cable tidy

Clamp some Binder Clips to the back of your desk.  Loop your frequently used leads and cables through the metal wire.

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