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Some light-hearted Easter fun from the Easykey team

Did you find the Golden Egg yet?

Watch this video of a Priest surprising the Bride and Groom


FacebookBack on Saturday 13 June 2009 Facebook launched the ability to grab your own memorable Facebook Username

What did this mean?

It meant that instead of having an unmemorable URL that looks something like this: 
(That's an made up URL, so don't try it.)

You could have

So on 13 June 2009 I promptly grabbed the username /easykey but here's the issue...  I grabbed it for my Personal Facebook Profile and not my Facebook Business Page!

Obviously it would have made more sense to use /easykey for the Facebook Page - but Facebook rules prevents you moving a username.

To cap it all in those days it was called a "Fan Page"  so we grabbed /ekfans (symbolising Easykey Fans) but guess what?  Facebook have long dropped the name "Fan Page" to just "Page" so /ekfans really didn't work any more.

For years I have tried to contact Facebook, Report It, read Forums and advice and there was no answer.  More recently Facebook has slightly relaxed the username rule and allow you to change it just once.  This left me with just one rather risky option to try...

So this is what I did...

Easykey is now the proud owner of a highly-prized 2-letter domain name

So for all you one-fingered typists and smart-phone users you can get to the Easykey website by typing...

Some Christmas Fun from the Easykey Team

Smelly Christmas 

This video brings together two ideas to come up with an innovative advertisement

So it got me thinking, what if...?

How about a digital advert showing a tree of birds tweeting a live stream of a particualar hashtag like #harlow ?

You could stand in front of it tweet something that included #harlow from your smart phone and the text of your tweet would be instantly flowing from one of the birds in live time.

What two technologies could you bring together for an new idea?


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