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BlogSo Alan Sugar appoints an SEO startup for his apprentice

Look for Mark Wright's search engine optimisation company dubbed ClimbOnline and all that seems to be online are websites about climbing - awkward....

Mark Wright - winner of the Apprentice

Interested to see his price starting at £400 per month minimum for small to medium businesses... really?  Our SEO packages start at £18.70 per month.

There are so many sharks out there willing to take your money for getting found on Google so how should you decide?

Watch this video and and try the simple test

Click the link below...

How do I get my website found in Google?

Who is number 1 in the organic area?

...above Google?

...since 2009!!!

Some Christmas Fun from the Easykey Team

Merry Christmas 

BlogAre you working late?

I invite you to turn up your speakers (or but on your headphones) take 5 minutes out and watch this video I made.

Don't forget to make sure it is full screen and HD is switched on.


This tickles me pink :)

Thanks to Ocean Voice and Data

Some light-hearted Easter fun from the Easykey team

Did you find the Golden Egg yet?

Watch this video of a Priest surprising the Bride and Groom


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