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Microsoft Word HelpHave you ever inherited a Word document all typed out in CAPITAL LETTERS?

According to the Disability Discrimination Act text in capitals is more difficult to read as letters are harder to recognise.

So what do you do if you receive a document of 7 pages all typed in capital letters?
Microsoft Word has a handy function to change case, and if you wanted to change it all - this is what you do:

1. Select all the text (Ctrl +A)
2. Select the Change Case button Change Case Button from the ribbon at the top

Change Case List
3. Select the option you require

Sentence case = makes capital letters for the beginning of sentences only and the rest lower case
lower case = makes all text lower case
UPPER CASE = makes all the text CAPITAL LETTERS
Capitalize Each Word = makes the First Letter Of Each Word A Capital Letter
tOGGLE cASE = swaps your CAPS to lower case and lower case to CAPS

Extra Tip: Try the keyboard shortcut - select the text you wish to modify then whilst holding down the Shift key tap the F3 key (tap it again to cycle through CAPITAL, lower case and Sentence case

If you have an earlier version of Word click here

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