Phishing Emails and Scams

Phishing Emails and ScamsDoes it look Phishy?

Hints and Tips on baiting you to give away your details

The technique of baiting people with emails and links to websites that look like the real thing is called phishing. The aim is to trick you to send important information about your account login to an internet fraudster who will then use the details you inputted to access your account to steal your identity or money.

You should never respond to emails that look like they come from your Bank, EBay, PayPal or Social Networking sites like Facebook or Twitter that ask you to reset or confirm a password.

Click here to read about Email Hoaxes and Bogus Warnings (not the same as Phishing scams)

Please find listed below some of the most common Phishing Scams

Apple & iCloud Service New Notice - Scam
Phishing email scam from Amazon - Update Your Account
Scam Domain Registration renewal notice
Telephone Calls from Microsoft? - Scam
Lloyds TSB Notification
Your HSBC Internet Banking Account has been flagged
Network Solutions domain renewal scam
Phishing Scam: twitter is spreading nasty blogs around about you
Please tell me is this photo yours?!
whatt are you doing in this ?
Metalon Products Limited - Confidence Trick
Scam - Attn: Notice of Registration Soon
HM Treasury Tax Rebate Email Scams
For attention of Ally Bank (former GMAC Bank) customer
US Airways reservations - Scam
HSBC Bank Notification
Sad News - stranded abroad scam
AOL and Compuserve Phishing Scam
New Login System - Facebook Phishing
SCAM: Regarding The Trade Name "yourdomain"
Your LinkedIn account was blocked due to inactivity
Domain Renewal Group Scam
Dial Care PC phone scam
Advanced WindowsCare Phone scam
Scam - You recently changed the email address associated with your Twitter account
Scam - You have 2 information message(s) from Twitter
Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit
Domain Dispute and Registration - Scam
Your Federal Tax Payment ID: (number) has been rejected
Secure your Lloyds TSB Online details - Phishing Scam
Paypal Scam
Scam to participate in an iPad review program
Notice of Underreported Income
Notification of Bequest - scam email
**Lucky Winner** - scam email
Trade Centre Chambers of Commerce directory Japan scam
From Michael Wang/M12 - Scam
USAA Confirmation Form - phishing scam
NOTICE TKC: 2038 Account Confirmation
TKC NOTICE: 3948 Account Confirmation