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LinkedIn TipsReceiving LinkedIn invitations to connect with the name of a Company or Organisation is wrong!

The LinkedIn User Agreement Section 10.B.3. states:

Don't undertake the following: Create a Member profile for anyone other than a natural person

In other words a LinkedIn profile should use a real name of a real person.

The profile image should also be a headshot of that person - and definitely not a company logo. See this

It is however possible for LinkedIn users to create a LinkedIn Company Page - see this example

So what should I do if I get an invitation to connect to a Company or Organisation?

If you receive an invitation from any account using either a company name or an organisation name this is what LinkedIn would call a "fake name" account.

You should click the Report Spam button

As a courtesy - before you do this you could click the tiny right hand arrow on the Accept button and select Reply (Don't Accept Yet) and then send them a link to this article.


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