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iPhone hints and TipsA Handy Domain Checker for your iPhone

Have you ever sat in a marketing meeting or woken up at 2 in the morning and wondered whether your dream domain name is available?

Easykey has developed a handy Web App that enables you to quickly check availablity.

Here are instructions on how to add it to your iPhone.

1. Open Safari Safari on your iPhone

2. Type this into the address bar at the top looks like this - iPhone Address

3. Tap the blue Go button (bottom right) looks like this - Go

4. You should new see the Domain Checker.  Tap the icon at the foot of the screen

Adding the Domain App

5. Select Add to Home Screen

Adding the Domain App

6. Tap the Add button (top right)

Adding the Domain App

That's it - You should now have a new Domain Check icon domain check icon on your iPhone Screen.

Whenever you want to check a domain just tap the Domain Check icon on your Home Screen

Important Privacy information - Easykey does not gather any information from this WebApp - You are free to search Domain availability in the knowledge that nobody is spying on your searches.  The only time we gather any information is if you send us an order.

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