Stop Your Spam

Stop Your SpamIf you have an Xmail Account Easykey offers a service called StopYourSpam that safely removes:

- Unsolicited emails (SPAM)
- Spoof emails trying to get you to login to your Bank (phishing)
- Emails with known viruses

...before it even gets delivered to you!

StopYourSpam - Easykey Email ProtectionHow does it work?

Any obvious SPAM is trapped and held in the Junk quarantine before it is delivered to you. You will occasionally receive an email report showing you a summary of trapped SPAM.

To manage thise open your Internet browser, type in and press the enter key on your keyboard. Your username is your full email address and your Xmail password.

Junk Quarantine

You should be taken to your message centre which will show you what messages have been held in your Junk tab.

If you can see a message is NOT Junk click the Deliver button in the right hand column.

This will instantly deliver the email. You will then be given a choice to approve selected senders.
This is in effect 'whitelisting' specific email addresses or teaching it to always trust that sender (We suggest you don't bother with this step unless it is from a regular mailing list you definitely wish to receive.)

If all the emails you see are definitely all Junk (and you are absolutely certain) then you can click the Delete All button (didn't that feel good?)

This service is only available to people hosting their email with easykey. Are you interested? Want to move your email to Easykey?

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