Outlook Web App

Outlook Web AppWhat is Outlook Web App?


(OWA) is a way to access your Easykey Xmail account on any computer

All you have to do to access it is to type xmail.yourdomainname.com into the browser address and you will be asked for your username and password to login.  Then you will be able to enjoy the functionality of Outlook but via your Internet browser.  (See the screenshot below)
Outlook Web App - Screenshot

Isn't this the same as webmail?

No, designed for POP email webmail is a way of viewing uncollected emails only.  OWA gives you access to all your mail, including folders, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks.  Unlike webmail any messages you reply to using OWA will be in your sent items folder when you get back to base.  In fact any changes you make to your Email folders, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks from the website will be reflected in your Outlook when you get back to your computer.

How do I get Outlook Web App?

OWA is available as part of easykey's premium email service called Xmail.

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