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blogTake a look at your website and be honest – does it contain lots of SCT?  (Self-Congratulatory Twaddle) 

You know what I mean, something like this…

Bloggs Inc was established in 1886 by me, Fred Bloggs after having my great idea.  We are known for our exemplary customer service always striving to give the best possible care.  Our customers include Tesco, British Airways, Harrods, Prince Charles and we are approved suppliers to the Olympic Games in London 2012.  I drive an Aston Martin and have a spare Ferrari and Porsche, enjoy playing golf and sailing my yacht most weekends – so I must be doing something right!  The Sultan of Brunei has described Bloggs Inc as ‘one of the greatest companies I’ve ever dealt with’.  We are quite simply… the best!

Effective copy writing for your website is an art and needs some careful consideration.  Here are a few simple suggestions for you to consider

Don’t talk about yourself or even your company (avoid pronouns like “We”, “Us”, “I”)

Visitors looking for a service or product do not care about you or your company.  They just want to know if the website will meet their needs.

Address the Visitors Pains and Pleasures (Use “You” and “Your”)

Picture your ideal client.  What are their pains and pleasures?  Pose the question they are possibly thinking.  E.g.

  • Are you fed-up with your slow PC?
  • Is planning your event overwhelming you?
  • Wish you were lying on a warm deserted beach?

Entice with a Call to Action

So after posing the questions – don’t give the answer - entice them into another part of your website with a call to action. e.g.

  • Are you fed-up with your slow PC? - Fix it Now
  • Is planning your event overwhelming you? - Share the Load
  • Wish you were lying on a warm deserted beach? - Look at This

Did you try and click on them?  :)

Keep it Short and Simple

On the home page of your website you should avoid long paragraphs of turgid text.  The average person will scan you home page for around 8 seconds (that’s about 10 or 12 words in reading time)  Use a compelling image or photo (a picture paints a thousand words) coupled with a simple question and call to action to click

Finally if you really think that it is vital that people know something about you or your company hide it away on an About Us page – ours is not even a prominent tab (See the tiny link at the foot of the page entitled About Easykey)

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