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They have arrived!

Regular users of our Instant Remote Help service BigRedHelp will be pleased to hear that our long-awaited USB Help buttons have arrived.

BigRedHelp buttonWorking on both PC or Mac plug our button into a USB port and leave it on your desk.

  • Can't open an email attachement?
  • Lost your Toolbar?
  • Change capital letters to lower case

Don't Panic - just hit the Help Button on your desk, pop in your name and we will be on the other end to assist you.

To order your free Help button click here


The new iOS5 is really magic :)

What can you do with your iPad?

In the past 14 days 689 of the visits to our website were from a mobile smart phone

The easykey website on an iPhoneMost of these visits were from iPhones and although that only represents around 7% of visitors we have noticed this figure significantly increasing over the last year.

So when we recently launched our new website at we paid particular attention in making it mobile friendly.

If you visit on an iPhone you will see a stripped down mobile friendly version of the home page.

The navigation menu is accessed via the Menu button top left, although many visitors will probably just tap the navigation icons in the middle of the screen.

The Phone number right at the top in the middle is on every page and all the visitor needs to do to phone is to tap it.

Does your business already have a valuable product or service you can re-package?

This 3 minute clip inspired me to think why we spend so much time trying to create new products and services when we can re-package the value of what we already have?

In recent years we have been receiving a growing number of enquiries about replacement keys or keys for filing cabinets

Rather than ignore those people we thought we might do something useful and helpful. 

So if you are one of those people looking for replacement keys or locks for office furniture can we suggest you might visit the following website...


So to be clear we are a company based in the United Kingdom and this website is (without the letter 's' on the end)

And the replacement keys company based in the USA is (with the letter 's' on the end

What an infectious laugh to put a smile on your face

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