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In recent years we have been receiving a growing number of enquiries about replacement keys or keys for filing cabinets

Rather than ignore those people we thought we might do something useful and helpful. 

So if you are one of those people looking for replacement keys or locks for office furniture can we suggest you might visit the following website...


So to be clear we are a company based in the United Kingdom and this website is (without the letter 's' on the end)

And the replacement keys company based in the USA is (with the letter 's' on the end

What an infectious laugh to put a smile on your face

Our beautiful daughter Aisling passed away in my arms at 11:15am on Friday 23 December 2011

Aged 20, her courageous battle with Cystic Fibrosis has now ended. If this has come to you as a shock please don't let it spoil your Christmas - Aisling is finally at peace and has taught us so much about true grit, tenacity, courage and determiniation. She even took control when she decided to let go and die, asking for me to hold her in my arms, remove her BiPap oxygen mask and take one last breath.
Here is a photo of Aisling with her American fiancée Chris.

Aisling and Chris

Chris Carey and Aisling O'Regan
You can view Aisling's blog and leave messages at
Funeral arrangements will be announced on Aisling's blog and our Facebook friends
I sincerely wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas

Denis O'Regan
(Aisling's proud dad)

This short video inspired me never to give up - so I thought I would share it

When you don't give up..You cannot fail

Companies Act 2006 - Changes to Company Identification Procedures

As of 1 January 2007, all companies must now include the following details on all of their company websites, electronic communications (including emails) and order forms (whether electronic or not):

  • Place of company registration (e.g. England and Wales)
  • Company registration number
  • Address of registered office
  • Legal status (e.g. limited company or limited liability partnerships)
  • If appropriate, the fact that the company has or is about to cease trading

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